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Lovi has events throughout the year to help raise funds for our programs.



It is so easy to take our eyesight for granted. We often do not even think about the fact that we can see the expression on our loved one’s face, or watch our favorite sports game, or read an instruction manual. For many children, sight impairment and visual disorders disrupt their ability to learn, grow, and live as happy, healthy kids. Your donation can give children with severe visual impairment disorders a chance to simply be a kid, without worrying about their eyesight. By supporting LOVI’s education, outreach, and financial support programs, you’ll be giving children across our Central Texas access to the vision therapy and resources they need to live a full and active life.


Our educational and outreach programs are an immense part of who we are, and we need compassionate people like you to help. If you are interested in giving your time to help children with vision disorders, contact us to learn more about our current and upcoming volunteer needs.


Vision therapy is not covered by the vast majority of insurance plans—even families with excellent coverage must choose between footing a huge bill or missing out on needed medical care for their child. On average, it costs $6,000~ for a child to complete vision therapy. Sponsoring a child’s cost of therapy can be done individually or as a group. Sign up with your company, social or neighborhood group, or family to give a child in need the ability to see a brighter future for themselves.