Meet Our Team

It is an honor and a privilege to introduce you to the staff and board of Let’s Overcome Vision Impairment. We have a passionate, dedicated team of women who have come together to serve foster children and poverty-stricken children who suffering with vision processing disorders.

Monica Miller, CEO

Monica Miller has been a passionate child advocate for over 25 years. She worked with Texas Protective and Regulatory Services when Governor Ann Richards first formed the state agency in 1991. Over the years Monica worked with Big Brother/Big Sister of Austin, Texas and CASA of Bastrop, Texas. But she sites “being the mom of a child with a vision processing disorder” as being the biggest preparation for her new role as Founder and CEO of LOVI. “I watched my daughter struggle with learning for years. Now she is on the A/B Honor Roll as a junior in high school, and she is excited about learning! I’ve witnessed firsthand how vision therapy changes lives. Now we’re out there changing the lives of underserved children who suffer from this disorder in order for them to reach their fullest potential.

Julia M Dunn, Board Chair

Julia has twenty years of non-profit accounting and finance experience. She began her career at KPMG in Dallas and worked as an Audit Manager for non-profit engagements. Additionally, she has served as Director of Finance for several non-profit agencies. Julia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and an MBA (Accounting Emphasis) from Texas Tech University. Julia’s volunteer and professional endeavors have made a strong impact in her community, including CASA, the Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry and Support Center, the Center for American and International Law, the Family Crisis Center of Bastrop, and many others. Julia enjoys spending time with her children, Lexie and Riley, and her pooch, Beaureguarde Pennington.

Gwen King, Vice President

Gwen has been working in the Optometric Field for over 18 years, with extensive time working in exam rooms with Optometrist, as well as fitting glasses and contacts. Gwen has been a Certified Optician by the American Board of Optometry since 2001, ABOC, and that has lead to management opportunities, and being a Representative/Consultant in the Eye Care field. She has a strong network of Eyecare Professionals around Texas, a deep passion for eye diseases, as well as a huge desire to to prevent eye issues in children so that they can be successful in life. She loves Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Austin, and her amazing 4 Dogs and Cats.

Alana Adams, Board Secretary

Alana Adams joins LOVI as a passionate reader and lifelong lover of books! “I cannot imagine a child being denied the joy of reading, for learning or pleasure. What worlds remain closed to their fertile minds…what potential remains locked away… what dreams are crushed before they even have a chance at life?” Alana brings to LOVI a professional skill set, honed over 25 years, in management, advertising, marketing, sales and coordinating community events. When not advocating for LOVI she enjoys performing as an actor in local theater and as a singer/songwriter along with husband, David.